We know that you love soaking up the sunshine and warm air on your composite deck during the summer months with your family and loved ones. To help preserve your deck for the coming summer, the deck professionals at Team Builders are here to give you our guide to winter maintenance for your composite deck! Our team of Cedar Falls, IA custom deck contractors will make caring for your composite deck during the coldest months as simple as possible in today’s blog. 

1. Start With a Clean Deck

Before you can assess your deck for any damages or stains, you need to start with a clean surface that’s free of debris, snow, and, ideally, ice. Even in the winter, dirt, debris, and moisture can lead to mold and mildew, which can damage and stain your composite deck. 


To remove piles of debris, including leaves and dirt, sweep them away periodically. To routinely clean your fence, use a gentle cleanser and water with a sponge or rag to scrub the surface of your deck clean. After cleaning, rinse your deck thoroughly with clean water. Routinely cleaning your deck allows you to remove grime and dirt that is stuck on. 


Tough, stuck-on debris can be carefully removed with a pressure washer. Pressure washing can damage composite decks, leading to further issues down the line. If you choose to use a pressure washer, use a low-pressure setting (under 1,500 PSI) and stay at least 12” away from the deck’s surface. Using a nozzle that spreads the water out can also help to prevent damage. We always recommend trying to remove grime and dirt by using less aggressive methods first and only using a pressure washer as a last resort. 

2. Removing Snow

Removing snow from your composite deck is an important step in keeping your loved ones safe during the winter and preventing any damage. However, improper snow removal or using the wrong equipment can also damage your deck, so our Cedar Valley, Iowa deck builders are here to give you their best tips!


When shoveling snow, use a plastic shovel instead of a standard metal shovel, or choose a shovel with a wear strip. Metal tools and shovels can scratch or damage the decking surface. When shoveling, go in the direction of the decking boards to avoid catching on the edge or side of a board and causing damage. 


Ice can be an annoyance, especially if you need to walk across your composite deck in the winter. However, chemical ice melters and salt can damage the composite materials. If possible, allow the ice to melt naturally or use a chemical ice melter that is labeled safe for composite materials. 

3. Checking for Damage

After clearing off your deck, it’s important to check for any damages that need to be fixed. Checking for damages routinely can prevent small problems from becoming much larger problems down the road. Damages can lead to structural issues with your composite deck, especially during harsh weather conditions. 


There are several parts of your deck that you should check for damages, including the connections, supports, and railings. The connection points between the posts, structural components, and deck boards should be checked for damages or failures. Tighten loose hardware and replace any rusted connections. 


The decking supports are the parts of your deck that help keep it standing and are responsible for its overall strength, including the posts, beams, and joists. When checking for damages, look out for rotting or mold growth, as well as any cracks that may have formed. 


Your deck rails are primarily responsible for preventing you and your loved ones from falling and becoming injured. During the winter, ice and snow can cause the railings to become damaged or create instability. Check to make sure that the railings do not have any cracks or rotting, and make sure that they are secured. 

4. Proper Ventilation

Debris around the foundation and base of your composite deck can prevent proper air circulation and lead to rotting and damage. Remove any leaf build-up or debris that may be blocking airflow from the space beneath your deck. Without proper ventilation, your deck may develop moisture damage, or you may have a build-up of ice that later needs to be removed.


Ice or snow around the foundation of your deck can lead to damage, mold, and mildew, all of which will require attention in the future. Removing the ice and snow from around the foundation prevents moisture from becoming trapped and ensures proper ventilation and drainage. 

5. Prevent Accidents

Ice and snow can make your composite deck slippery during the winter, making you more likely to slip, fall, and injure yourself. As we previously mentioned, harsh chemical ice melters are usually not an appropriate choice for removing ice because they may damage your deck. 


However, there are other solutions to prevent slipping and increase traction on your deck. Many companies make specialty anti-slip mats that are designed to be used outdoors during the winter. For a budget-friendly option, consider using sand. Both of these solutions help provide traction to prevent accidents without damaging your deck and can be removed or cleaned up as the weather warms. 

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